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Hi, I’m Marieva.

I’m a San Diego based __________. Still trynna fill in the blank. Majored in communications 2017 and failing since 1994 only to get myself up bigger and better. Navigating through life with a dope playlist on my way to my passion, which waze says is on the next right. Feeling skeptical 'bout that one but one thing I’m certain of: It’s definitely not a one way nor easy road. Just like Hattie White (Jay Z’s grandmother featured on Beyonce’s “Freedom”) I’ve had my ups and downs, but I always find the inner strength to pull myself up. And damn have I been making some great lemonade along the way. 

In the past, I released a single. For the sake of releasing a single. Wrote a few (a lot) of songs so I guess you can say I’m a songwriter (mission accomplished), started a blog, then deleted the blog, made some new friends that are now my best friends, moved more times than I’m proud of, got rid of a ton of bullshit along the way, learned that not wearing sunscreen is not cool, discovered Gwyneth Paltrow and realized that if you like it (anything) you’ll work on it. 

These days, I’m still studying Gwyneth Paltrow, am on an infinite quest for the secret of a happy life and might just be somewhat into wellness and finding a new name for it. So I can later copyright and make a living out of just that. Jk. Tag along for the ride. Or don't. Anyway thanks for stopping by.